How Jenna Marbles Gained 17.5 Million Subscribers

Jenna Marbles is one of the biggest creators on YouTube. She’s one of the few vloggers to have her subscriber count in the double digits. She’s been creating content since 2010, and her videos continue to trend across the internet to this day.

Here’s how Jenna Marbles gained 17.5 million subscribers.

1. She kept the same style of humor from her first viral video.

Jenna’s first viral video, “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking,” has more than 66 million views. Her sarcastic but silly sense of humor resonated with a lot of viewers, and she hasn’t changed much over the past seven years. Jenna’s more recent videos still feature the same slightly inappropriate humor that viewers first fell in love with.

2. She expanded her brand into other forms of media and business.

Jenna isn’t just a vlogger. She also runs a blog and co-hosts a podcast with her boyfriend. Jenna has also released a line of dog toys. By expanding her brand to other forms of media, she’s grown her YouTube audience as well.

3. She makes the kinds of videos that no one else would think to make.

The reason that Jenna’s videos get trending so often is that there is no one else creating the kind of content that she creates. Whether it’s lifting her dog into the air with balloons or calling in sick to places she doesn’t work, Jenna comes up with video ideas that capture attention because of how ridiculous and unique they are.

Jenna Marbles has such a huge YouTube following because she built a strong brand off of ridiculous video ideas. Think outside the box to get your own channel growing.

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