Why Every Rock Music Fan Should Like Randy Farrell’s Facebook Page

Randy Farrell is delivering a fresh, new brand of rock to online music fans. His soulful vocals and blazing guitars bring cutting edge sound to a new generation, forging a powerful YouTube and Facebook presence. Facebook is the best place to connect with Randy.

Here is the link to Randy’s Facebook Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/randyfarrell777

Here’s why every ROCK music fan should like Randy Farrell’s Facebook page.

1. Randy releases new original content regularly.

You can expect one new music video per month with lots of cool posts about the rock icons who made the genre what it is today and new up-and-coming stars you should know about.

Check out Randy’s first original song, “Windows of My Mind.”

2. Randy offers free high-quality downloads of his music.

If you like Randy’s Facebook page and become a follower, you’ll have access to hi-rez downloads of all of his songs. Randy posts links to 24 bit 48kh audio files on dropbox you can easily download to your computer – for FREE!

Want the hi-rez audio file for Randy’s latest original song “Mystery Girl?” Become a follower! Like his page!

3. Randy’s music and videos are well-produced.

Randy and his team put a lot of thought and effort into his music videos. Great guitar tone, thundering drums and soulful vocals with the highest quality of music and video production ensure that viewers get the best experience – like this super fun performance of Randy’s original song, “Feelin’ Something Special” – guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Randy Farrell’s goal is to give his fans a great experience every time they visit his Facebook page. Randy is taking rock music to the next level with fun, wild, trippy, and energetic new original songs and high-quality videos. He’s at the forefront of bringing the rock experience to a new generation and establishing himself as a serious player. Like Randy Farrell’s Facebook page so you can get notifications of when he posts! ROCK ON!

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