How To Get Your Videos Shared Across Social Media

Viewers are most likely to share videos that are funny, heartwarming, or educational. Here are a few ways you can use this knowledge to get your videos shared across social media.

1. Dig up some facts.

When YouTuber Lisa Schwartz wanted to start a new videos series, she decided to uncover the disgusting truth about McDonald’s. Viewers loved her video and began tweeting her ideas for the next disgusting truth she could uncover.

Viewers love to learn something new. Videos like Lisa’s are just one way to teach your viewers. Movie trivia and beauty tutorials are a few other popular ways to educate viewers.

2. Share a heartwarming story.

When vlogger Joey Graceffa shared the story of how he met his boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, he got more than six million views. Longtime subscribers and casual viewers alike loved hearing about how Joey and his boyfriend Daniel Preda fell in love.

If you’ve got a story to share, then you should film it for your viewers. Stories like Joey and Daniel’s help viewers feel like the world isn’t as bad as they thought it was.

3. Crack up your viewers.

Comedian Lilly Singh knows how to turn any problem into a joke. Her “Types Of People” videos get millions of views. Because these videos make them laugh, subscribers watch them again and again.

A sure-fire way to get views is to be funny. Try your hand at a skit or a parody.

The most popular videos are educational, heartwarming, or funny. Try a few of these suggestions to get your videos shared across social media.

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