3 Qualities YouTube Videos Need to Have

Successful YouTube videos don’t have to be everything to everybody. In order for a video to be successful, it must be at least one of the three following things.

1. Informative.

YouTube videos should provide knowledge for viewers. People are innately curious and by providing audiences with information that enlightens, videos will sustain the attention of their viewers. This is why make-up artists, such as Jaclyn Hill and Manny Mua, are so famous. Viewers feel they are gaining something by watching their videos.

Incorporate useful information into videos to increase views.

2. Inspirational.

Inspirational people are usually the most successful. Think about it. Successful speakers, books, movies, and managers prosper because they motivate. People thrive off of this feeling. This ability to motivate will cause viewers to remain loyal to videos.

3. Originality.

Viewers will not find interest in a video they feel has been done before a thousand times. The most successful YouTubers and videos produce the most views because people are intrigued by originality and the unfamiliar. Videos should contain an aspect of boldness and eccentricity.

If videos dart any of these target points, they have a greater chance to succeed!

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Roselie Kelly loves to explore and meet new people. She recently moved to Dublin Ireland, where she spends her time teaching English as a foreign language, running, picking up new hobbies and being a dutiful temp receptionist/runner/errand girl/cookie snatcher!