How This One Thing Will Make Your Channel Successful

Being consistent on YouTube is the number one thing that can make or break a channel. Even if the content is amazing, it is extremely hard to maintain viewership if videos are not uploaded regularly. Being consistent makes for a reliable and responsible YouTuber.

Here are three tips that can help you upload content on a regular basis.

1. Know your pace.

Before stating “I’m going to post 5 videos a week,” take time to think about how many videos you can post. If you post more content than you can handle, it’s easy to run out of video ideas. YouTubers plan out their weekly schedule to figure out how much content they can create without getting overwhelmed or out of ideas.

For some people, 5 videos a week is doable. For others, they can manage one video a week. As long you’re posting on a weekly basis, keep to a schedule that works for you.

2. Allot time to create, shoot, and edit.

Now that you have chosen how many videos to post a week, it’s important to allot time for every video. YouTubers have to set aside a lot of time aside to create content. A good rule to live by is: your video will always take much longer to create than expected.

Need natural light? Avoid shooting fifteen minutes before the sun goes down. Need to interview someone? Show up early to set up equipment. Always give yourself enough time to be prepared. This will help ensure that your channel upload schedule stays on track.

3. Keep your viewers in the loop.

When a YouTuber has a growing fan base, their viewers love to know when they are posting their next video. This makes viewers feel more connected and it increases the number of views a video gets.

This also makes YouTubers more accountable for getting videos uploaded on time. Once thousands of people are told a video will be up Friday, YouTubers are more likely to keep that promise.

Being consistent on YouTube is a difficult task. YouTube is a great creative outlet, but if you want your channel to succeed, uploading regularly is a must. To be a consistent and dependable YouTuber, know how many videos you can handle; effectively set aside time to create, and let your viewers know your schedule.

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