How to Protect Your Musical Property

Making your way in the music industry can be intimidating between constantly creating new music, networking, booking new shows, updating social media, and living life. Here are some quick tips to protect you and your musical and intellectual property theft and lawsuit.

1) Copyright your music with the U.S. Copyright Office. There are two types of copyright: compositional copyright and sound recording copyright. Once your song is published, get both. Neglecting to copyright could result in someone else making money when you should be.

2) Create a unique watermark and add it to any original photos, videos, and artwork. There have been many cases around the web of people stealing music videos to get extra traffic, attention, and even money. To avoid these problems make sure you always use a signature watermark.

3) Before deciding on a band or album name, look it up on Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other high-traffic websites to ensure no one is using it already. Make sure your title choices aren’t too similar to previously used names as this could result in copyright conflict. Conflicting song titles mean potential lawsuits and that means legal fees and loss of earnings.

4) Lastly, if you have the resources, acquire a music attorney. These people will save time and trouble that would be focused on legal issues so you can focus more on promotion, gigs, and making new music. Remember, always hire with caution and discretion.

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