3 Ways to Tell If A Song is Demo Ready

How do you know your song is ready to spend money to spend time and money to record? Here are 3 tests your song should pass if it’s ready to demo.

1) Post a rough recording of your song on a music forum or social website anonymously. Make sure you get feedback from non-fans instead of people who already like your style.

2) Play your song live for different people and get their feedback. It’s important to play in front of musicians and non-musicians to get a variety of opinions.

3) It’s easy to get caught up in the energy and excitement of a new song, but the real test comes when you put aside the song for a week and then come back to it. If it still lives up to your initial hype, it’s something special..

If your song passes all three of these tests, consider spending time and money for a demo recording to send to labels.

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