How to Create a Brand and Identity

An artist’s brand is equal to their band’s essence or soul. Here are some tools to help improve branding and bring you closer to your musical identity.

1) Create a brand image or logo for your merchandise and street team. Creating a band logo is a chance to create a sense of identity through the images, symbols, and colors you choose for your graphic.

2) Write and memorize a thirty-second pitch for your group. Don’t rush this one because it could be the reason you get a gig somewhere down the line. A thirty-second pitch should be exciting and original, but still convey what your band is about and how it fits, or doesn’t, in its genre.

3) Lastly, and as cheesy at this sounds, create your brand from within your own self – don’t look to society and other people for an identity. Their opinions will change over time, but you won’t regret ideas that are strongly rooted in your own passion and creative personality.

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