Promolta’s Success With B.D. Gottfried

Everyone knows someone who is – how do you put this nicely – off their rocker. The Canadian group B.D. Gottfried approached us at Promolta with a music video called “Sociopathic Traffic” about this very subject. They wanted us to help share the song about a demonic, Vespa riding, artistically challenged ex-girlfriend with alternative rock lovers around the Internet. So we did. Since Promolta has taken up the task, “Sociopathic Traffic” has catapulted from 360 to 82, 771 views.

The video’s immense success stems from two factors. First is its creativity. The story is absolutely crazy yet quite relatable, the animation is diverse, colorful, and creative, and the music is top notch. With this polished product in our hands we simply pushed the video across out alternative rock network. Once we started reaching targeted audiences the video spread like wildfire because of its relatability and entertainment value – it went viral!

Using Promolta’s reliable network this song reached a 73% viewer retention rate and a ridiculously low average of 3.57 cents spent per song play. Promolta’s network makes these low numbers possible because it consists of real fans who want to discover awesome new music and share it with friends.

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