How to Post Like a Pro on Social Media

It’s easy to get so caught up in the quest to create engaging social media content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that you let your operation get away from you. Here are the social media rules of engagement you should follow to ensure that you’re posting in a manner that will jive with your viewers:

1) The 70-20-10 Rule ­– The 70-20-10 guideline helps prevent pages from spamming followers. It recommends 70% of posts are devoted only to the artist’s brand. Things like pictures from gigs, studio tours, gear videos, and content relating to the music. 20% of posts are dedicated to random content – pictures of daily life and things related to your non-musical interests. The last 10% are sales posts like links to buy songs and tickets.

2) Number of posts per day – Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook each have certain accepted frequencies of posting. For Facebook where content lingers for months at a time, post at least once a day but no more than twice. Because Twitter is used in real time to keep users updated people post in bulk – least 3 times a day. Lastly is Instagram – on IG you should post at least 2 times a day but up to 6 or 7 is encouraged. Just make sure content is fresh.

3) Hashtag etiquette – Hashtags are vital on Twitter and Instagram because they group photos with other people’s when they share the same hashtag. On Twitter post no more than two hashtags, otherwise engagement drops. Go ham on Instagram – 10+ tags are the norm. Facebook doesn’t recognize hastags so don’t use more than one. Any more will result in an out-of-touch, corny feeling in an audience.

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