How To Create A Production Schedule For Your Next Major Project

Some YouTube videos take longer to film than others. When you’re working on a short film, a documentary, or anything else outside of your usual realm of content, you’ll need to take your organization above and beyond. Bigger projects require more dedication.

Here’s how to create a production schedule for your next major project.

1. Start with a shot list.

Look through the script or any other preliminary notes you have concerning your project. Then, make a list of all the shots you’ll need to film. Organize this list into sections that can be filmed in the same location, etc.

Filmmakers use shot lists for every project. Watch this tutorial to get started.

2. Schedule the most difficult scenes first.

When you sit down to organize your shot list into a schedule, place the most difficult-to-film shots at the beginning of the shoot. Then, you’ll have plenty of time to work on these challenging shots when it’s time to film.

Check out this video to learn about a few other things you should consider when creating your schedule.

3. Plan for more time than you think you’ll need.

In the planning stages, you can never account for every single thing that could possibly go wrong on set. To make sure you’re ready, overschedule with more time than you think you’ll actually need to film each scene.

There are plenty of tutorials on how to organize your shooting schedule.

Creating a production schedule will ensure that your next major project goes smoothly. Follow these tips to create the perfect production schedule for you.

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