3 New Ways To Grow Your Channel Through YouTube Live

The recent updates to YouTube Live offer creators a ton of new ways to connect with their audiences. Now, your live streams can be even more accessible and fun to watch.

Here are three new ways to grow your channel through live streaming.

1. Check out the chat after the stream ends.

One of YouTube Live’s latest features is chat replay, which allows you to follow your viewers’ conversations after your live stream ends. You’re now able to read the chats as they appeared live when you playback the video.

After your live stream, rewatch it so you can keep up with the chat. Read the comments so you can see what your viewers liked, what they wanted more of, and what they’d like to see in future live streams.

2. Use auto captions to make your streams more accessible.

Many people use captions on videos and television shows to help them better understand what’s being said. Now, viewers can turn on automatic English captions on YouTube Live.

YouTube plans to roll this feature out in the coming weeks. While the auto captions won’t be perfect, this new feature is a huge step in making live streams more accessible for everyone.

3. Go mobile and tag your location.

Now, you can add a location tag when you live stream on the go. Tagging your location allows you to share all your favorite hotspots with your viewers.

Viewers can also use the new location feature to explore other videos from a certain area.

Live streaming is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. With the new updates to YouTube Live, you’ll be able to reach new viewers and grow your channel.

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