How To Pitch Video Ideas To A Sponsor

When you get a sponsorship, the company will likely rely on you to come up with the idea for the video itself. On the other hand, when you’re the one pitching a sponsorship to a company, you should come equipped with a few video ideas in mind.

Here’s how to pitch video ideas to a sponsor.

1. Make a list of 3-5 potential video ideas.

It’s time to put on your thinking cap. Open your idea notebook and get to brainstorming. Come up with as many potential video ideas as you can.

Then, narrow it down to 3-5 potential video ideas. Expand these ideas into more detail.

2. Show them how your viewer demographic matches their target audience.

Next, you should highlight your viewer demographics and show the sponsor how your viewership aligns with their target audience. Compare videos similar to the ones you’re proposing.

Use these numbers to estimate what kind of viewership your proposed videos will have.

3. Summarize how the video would benefit both parties.

The last thing you want a sponsored video to feel like is an advertisement. Rather, your focus should be on creating a video that both your viewers and your sponsor will enjoy.

Describe how your proposed video idea will benefit both parties. Compare it to other videos your audience loved or other sponsored videos that your previous sponsors adored.

Pitching video ideas to a sponsor doesn’t have to be daunting. Follow these tips to pitch your video ideas successfully.

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