5 Places Every Beginning Musician Should Perform

Every beginning musician needs to get their name out there. The easiest route is to put your songs on YouTube, but live performances are always critical. New musicians need to find places to perform in order to solidify their talent. The more a singer performs live, the more their musical image will improve.

Here are five places every beginning musician should try.

1. Test your talent on the street.

The easiest and most accessible way to perform is to go on the street. This is where you can test your abilities without experiencing too much pressure. Performing on the street can be more relaxing because people aren’t forced to watch you, like at a concert or talent show. This is a great way to get your feet wet when starting to perform in public. When there is a performer that is incredibly talented, people start to gather and watch.

Below is a video of a man sitting on the ground singing, but thanks to a viewer who recorded it, this man has over one million views on YouTube.

2. Battle your stage fright at coffee shops.  

After singing on the street, a coffee shop is one of the most accessible places to perform. Usually, coffee shops will accept any performers, as long as your content is family friendly. Find your local coffee shop and ask a manager if they do open mic nights. If they do, take advantage of the opportunity.

Singing at coffee shops is a great way to see how an audience reacts to your material. Also, smaller crowds make great practice to overcome stage fright.

3. Compete in a talent show.

No matter how old you are, talent shows are a common thing. It’s a great way to practice performing in front of a large audience.

Check with teachers, student-ran clubs, or community boards to see if any talent shows are being hosted. If there is, sign up and practice your performance. This is an opportunity to perform on a stage in front of your peers, friends, and family.

4. Show off your vocals during the national anthem.

Singing the national anthem can be extremely terrifying. But if you sing it well, you will impress hundreds (or even thousands) of people.  Not every national anthem performance needs to be at a professional sports stadium. You can start with singing for your high school football team and work your way up to college sports. When you have enough experience, you can look into singing for your local professional sports team.

5. Perform for a festival.

Festivals are filled with good food, happy vibes, and awesome music. People who perform at festivals are seen as professional singers, even if they aren’t. It boosts your confidence and credibility as a musician.

Inquire about festivals happening in your area. You never know when they have an empty slot and are looking for someone to fill it. Not only will performing at festivals improve your stage presence, it will give you huge exposure.

Performing live can be scary and exciting at the same time. But, you will never be able to practice your skills and own the stage if you don’t get your name out there. Every performance on the street or in a coffee shop brings you one step closer to being a professional musician.

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Maria Kristina Lander is Bay Area born and raised. She loves napping with her dog and taking long walks to her favorite ramen place. One day she hopes to be a reporter that will not only give you information, but also perspective.

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