How Steven Wilson Created the Most Stimulating Concert

In 2015, Steven Wilson toured performing his album, Hand. Cannot. Erase., for audiences worldwide. The concert catered to all senses, enthralling Wilson’s audience throughout the duration of his show.

In order to shadow the success of Wilson’s concert, musicians should utilize the following tools.

1. Use visual graphics.

Wilson had a big, theatre-type screen dropped behind him, which played a series of videos that complimented his songs. This allowed the audience to have a deeper understanding of the music.

To recreate this concept, musicians should display some sort of visual graphic, such as videos, pictures, lights or even killer dance moves.

2. Create warm, flattering lighting.

Steven had a continuous stream of lights shine during his concert. Not harsh, migraine-prompting lights, but soft colored lights that gently brushed over his audience. These lights created a cool/warm vibe for his audience.

Musicians should find lighting that’s flattering, not distracting.

3. Play through albums, free of interruption.

Wilson would play through the majority of albums without stopping- smoothly transitioning from one song into another. This lack of interruption allowed the audience to melt into the music.

Musicians should take note of appropriate break times. Proper transitions will greatly impact an audience’s reaction.

4. Create a friendly atmosphere.

Wilson created a warm atmosphere by telling stories, cracking jokes and performing songs he hadn’t released yet. He made the audience feel, not as if they were watching an intimidating award winning artist, but a down-to-earth local band with a better sound engineer.

In order to create a friendly atmosphere, musicians should find a way to connect with their audience by throwing in a couple of funny stories in or taking a few musical requests.

Fans will attend concerts that allow them to be completely consumed in the music. With his Hand. Cannot. Erase. tour, Wilson perfected this art, and musicians should follow accordingly.

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