3 Easy Tips to Make a Common Video Stand Out

Throughout YouTube, content creators follow trends that result in many videos being similar. Viewers love to see their favorite YouTubers post similar content, but it’s important to keep content fresh and unique. This ranges from vlogging, challenges, or even hauls. At some point, video trends can become repetitive. The key to making a common video more unique is to add a different element.

Here is how you can record a familiar video, but make it fresh:

1. Don’t always follow the rules.

There are plenty of popular videos on YouTube that come with a list of questions or rules. Usually, content creators follow all of the rules and don’t put on their own creative twist. If you want to make a common video different, don’t be hesitant to break the rules.

In the video below, YouTube Gabriella recorded a “My Boy Friend Does My Makeup” video. This is a common video where YouTubers introduce their boyfriend applying their makeup. Instead, Gabriella did it with her friend, not her boyfriend. This made the video funny, a little confusing (which means more activity in the comment section), and more entertaining.

2. Revamp a regular video.

There are many videos that can be altered into something new. For example, house tours are very popular on YouTube but it can be difficult to make your house tour interesting.

To revamp a video, find a quality that makes you stand out and express it in your video. For example, make a sarcastic house tour or simply add humor to any video.

3. Raise the stakes.

There’s nothing that makes a challenge more interesting than when the stakes are risen. It can make a video more suspenseful or funny and it keeps the viewer engaged.

A reoccurring video on YouTube is, “The Boyfriend Tag.” Each person has to answer a set of questions to see how well they know their significant other. YouTuber Eva Gutowksi filmed a boyfriend tag, but rose the stakes with ice cream. Every time Eva and her boyfriend answered a question wrong, they had ice cream dumped on them. This made the video more challenging and attention grabbing.

At first, ordinary videos can be hard to change. But if you bend the rules, revamp it a little, or raise the stakes, your videos will automatically have a creative twist and be more entertaining.

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Maria Kristina Lander is Bay Area born and raised. She loves napping with her dog and taking long walks to her favorite ramen place. One day she hopes to be a reporter that will not only give you information, but also perspective. 

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