How PewDiePie Gained The Highest Number of Subscribers

Of all the channels on YouTube, no one has as many subscribers as Swedish gamer PewDiePie. He even won a Guinness World Record, but how was this possible in the first place?

1. He’s funny, which makes his videos enjoyable for every viewer.

There is no doubt that his comedic reactions to what happens when he plays video games have attracted a large audience. His channel is noteworthy for the horror video games he played, in which he showed very dramatic reactions to anything scary as well as repeatedly cursing throughout his videos.

He has also shown a tendency to be completely random at times, which viewers also tend to gravitate towards.

2. He makes a wide range of videos.

If you look at PewDiePie’s channel, you’ll notice that it’s not just horror games he deals with, but a wide range of video game genres. That way, viewers who love any kind of video game genre will find something they love on his channel.

He also branches out from videogames to other kinds of videos, which can attract the viewers out there who aren’t interested in gaming.

3. He made his fans into a community.

When you have a substantial number of subscribers, encourage them to interact with each other as well as you. Help them shape themselves into a community by bonding over an interest they share: you!

For PewDiePie, his fanbase tends to be referred to as “bros”, a nickname that they’ve taken up enthusiastically. PewDiePie’s audience also has several popular inside jokes, such as his hatred of barrels in video games, for whatever reason.

It helps to encourage your fanbase by embracing the aspects they repeat and praise the most. If they create a nickname for themselves, they’ve taken note of the fanbase around you. You should acknowledge their nickname and continue to encourage them to form friendships within their new community.

PewDiePie is notable for his immense success. That kind of success is difficult to emulate but not impossible. It’s obvious that the hard work put into this channel has allowed it to continue to flourish.

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