How This New YouTuber Got 100,000 Views Overnight

Elijah Quashie has only been posting YouTube videos for about a year. He has six videos, in which he reviews London chicken shops under the alias “The Chicken Connoisseur.” A few days ag, Elijah woke up to find that his latest video had more than 100,000 views. Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post UK even wrote articles about him.

Here’s how he went viral so quickly.

1. He found a need that his videos could fill.

Elijah told Buzzfeed News that he created his channel to fill a gap in the market. Though many restaurants he visited had reviews online, he couldn’t find many for chicken shops. Elijah created his video series “The Pengest Munch” with the specific purpose of visiting and reviewing chicken shops in London, UK. He built up a base of 50,000 subscribers.

To start building up your subscriber count, find a need that you can fill by creating content. What questions could you answer with a video? What little-known places could you explore? What would you offer that no one else has thought of yet?

2. His video has a high production value.

The Chicken Connoisseur’s videos could easily be a part of the Food Network or the Cooking Channel. He makes sure he only posts high-quality videos with clear audio. He has a camera operator and a handheld microphone. He also uses editing tricks to keep his videos interesting.

To make videos that lots of people will want to watch, learn how to film and edit a video properly. You can find tutorial videos online, or you can take it a step further by enrolling in a few broadcast classes at a local university.

3. His video entertained everyone from Londoners to social media influencers.

Most of the world’s population isn’t interested in the quality of London chicken shops. However, all Internet users love to be entertained. Elijah’s quirky commentary is what really made his video go viral. Even John Boyega, who starred in Star Wars, couldn’t get enough of the Chicken Connoisseur.

If you want to be popular, be funny. However, don’t try to force jokes. Rather, as you film your videos, say whatever comes naturally. If a clever thought passes through your head, share it with your viewers!

The Chicken Connoisseur went viral because there was nothing else like it on the Internet. Be original, be mindful of your production value, and be funny. You may just wake up to find that you got 100,000 views overnight!

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