How One Direction Became An International Phenomenon

One Direction currently has six Brit awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, eleven MTV Music Europe Awards, seven American Music Awards, and a whopping 27 Teen Choice Awards. Since the band’s creation in 2010, One Direction has become an international phenomenon.

Here are a few tips budding musicians can take from observing their success.

1. Take every opportunity to perform.

The boys of One Direction became a group after competing in the televised singing competition The X Factor. The group was actually put together by Simon Cowell himself. One Direction was made possible by the individual decision of each member to audition for the show.

As a musician, it is important to try and take every possible opportunity to perform and create music. You never know where an opportunity might lead.

2. Share the personal side of your life with your fans.

This Is Us, the band’s documentary and concert film, quickly became the fourth highest-grossing concert film of all time. Fans and new fans alike had extremely positive reactions to the film’s simple style and the personal insight that it provided into the lives of the band members. Viewers loved being able to see a particular member buy his family a house as well as the spot where another member had his first kiss.

If you have the opportunity to show your fans a more personal side, take it. It will help your fans connect with you even more.

3. Don’t rely on professional songwriters to write all of your music.

Most of One Direction’s music is written, at least in part, by one or more of the band members. This helped them create a distinct, personal sound and style.

If you can, try to always write your own music.

One Direction has found tremendous success in the music world, even after Zayn Malik’s departure. Musicians can learn a lot from the band and their catchy style.

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