How Big YouTubers Use Clickbait to Get Views

YouTubers know that it takes a lot to get a lot of views. Clickbaiting is a quick way to get a lot of viewers at once. It involves slightly misleading titles or thumbnails that viewers just have to click on.

Here’s how several big YouTubers use clickbait to get views.

1. Shane Dawson makes misleading thumbnails.

Shane Dawson is notorious for his clickbaiting thumbnails. Though the viewers think they’re about to what a sad confessional or heartbreaking story, what they actually end up watching is several minutes of Shane taking pictures of himself to create his video thumbnails.

If you’re going to use a misleading thumbnail, then you have to deliver with a great video so that your viewers won’t get angry. Rather than having their hearts broken, Shane’s viewers get a kick out of watching him make a fool of himself to create his ridiculous thumbnails. Like Shane, try to deliver something better than what your misleading thumbnail offers.

This video seems to be a confession, but it’s actually a montage of Shane and recent his collaboration partners such as TheGabbieShow and Tana Mongeau making weird faces at the camera.

2. Joey Graceffa’s titles aren’t what you think.

When Joey Graceffa posted a video with the title “Why Did He Leave Me!”, his subscribers went crazy. The video got more than 875,000 views in just a few days. Because Joey has been so open with his viewers about his relationship with his longtime boyfriend Daniel Preda, loyal subscribers couldn’t believe Joey’s title.

However, the title didn’t mean what many of his viewers thought it did. In the vlog, Joey revealed that Daniel didn’t leave their relationship; he just left for a few days on a work trip. Daniel was home again in Joey’s next vlog.

Exaggerated titles are a great way to hook potential viewers. Choose the most shocking part of your video and make that the title.

3. Jenna Marbles makes videos outrageous enough to be clickbait.

What’s even better than clickbaiting viewers is making them think they’re being clickbaited when, really, you’re about to deliver on whatever outrageous promise your title or thumbnail makes. That’s how Jenna Marbles got more than seven million views on a video about shaving her eyebrows.

You don’t have to actually shave your eyebrows to get views like Jenna did, though. You can emulate the way she takes challenges like “100 Layers” to the extreme or make videos of ridiculous things that viewers will love, such as the wedding she held for her dogs.

Clickbaiting is a clever way to hook viewers into your videos. Many big YouTubers clickbait with misleading thumbnails or outrageous titles. Try it out to see how many new viewers you can attract to your next video.

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