How This YouTuber Attracted An Audience Of 1.5 Million

Lisa Eldridge is a celebrity makeup artist whose notable clients include Alexa Chung, Bianca Jagger, and Emma Watson. She has also cultivated a significant presence on YouTube, with some of her videos hitting three million views and counting.

You can learn a lot from Lisa’s large and diverse collection of tutorials.

1. Cater to diverse audiences to help broaden your viewership.

One of Lisa’s most popular videos teaches her viewers how to conceal acne. She demonstrates the look on a model with a drastically different skin type than hers. This effectively allows her to reach an entirely new audience.

When creating videos, always do your best to address more than just one specific group. Catering to more diverse populations can allow you to reach more people and broaden your audience.

2. Make videos that most of your viewers can relate to.

Lisa’s video “Meeting the EX” teaches a specific makeup look created for running into an ex-lover. The video has more than one million views.

When making videos, certain situations might seem too specific. However, your specific situation might be the exact same as someone else’s. Never be afraid to address unique situations.

3. Focus on the quality of your videos.

All of Lisa’s videos are filmed in what appears to be a professionally lit studio, complete with a pristine white background. That might not an available option to every YouTuber, but every YouTuber can always try to make their videos high-quality.

Do not underestimate the power of good lighting and a higher quality camera, if possible.

Lisa Eldridge’s catering to diverse audiences, attention to quality, and addressing of unique situations have effectively helped her succeed in the YouTube community.

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