Nifty Networking Tips

Networking plays a part in everything big these days. Here are three easy tips for networking across the internets.

1) Create relationships with other musicians and exchange shout-outs on Youtube. Offer channels that interact with your same audience free use of your songs in exchange for providing your profile links in their descriptions. Gamers love highlight montages so if your music is high-energy target Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, and Halo channels.

2) Make an account and comment on other people’s songs on SoundCloud. Other musicians will appreciate your glowing comments and gentle critiques and return the favor. More importantly, they will listen to your music and spread the word.

3) Join Reddit and create a presence in your music genre’s subreddit (the mini communities that make-up the site). Once you’ve been there for a brief time and contributed to posts and discussions, post your song and ask for feedback. Due to Reddit’s tight-knit nature, it has the potential to make videos go viral and ignite a their success.

Remember, networking happens all the time, not just on the internet. The key principles to successful networking are kindness, openness, and a willingness to be social and outgoing with others.

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