Music Video Know-How

Music videos can make your song or break it. Here is some basic must-have knowledge for anyone planning on recording a video.

1) Start and end with your best foot forward. It’s a proven fact that people best remember either the beginning or end of songs. Any video you shoot should rely on this fact – start with a bang, end with a flash.

2) Plan it out – Just like anything you do, a music video has a greater chance of success if it’s planned out. There are three stages you should plan for: Pre-production is when you create an concept idea and prepare for what you’ll need during the shoot, production means shooting the video, and post-production is the editing and release.

3) Your music video should be your best song, no questions asked. If your song is long – more than 5 minutes – the video should be captivating all the way through. If you can’t produce enough interesting footage to complete the video then edit the song for the video you have. You want your video to pull your audience in at all times.

4) Make use of camera techniques. If your video is on one angle the whole time people are going to think a middle schooler recorded it. Quickly read up on camera shot types – long, medium, and close-up shots, and angle types – bird’s-eye view, eye level, low angles. Don’t forget to make use of pans, tilts, and tracking shots too.

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