How This News Channel Earned More Than A Million Subscribers

YouTube has become a platform for many people to produce content that millions of viewers find interesting and creative. Traditional ways to produce content have become more specialized as YouTube creators try to add their own styles. One such channel is JustKiddingNews, which features various people and internet personalities who report on current events.

Below are the reasons why JustKiddingNews has earned more than a million subscribers on YouTube.

1. They keep their content fresh and interesting.

The team at JustKiddingNews produces content that is creative and interesting to viewers. They actively engage in the topics they present, and the video editing in their segments adds humor to their discussions.

Below is an example of their content.

2. The discussions between the members are always entertaining.

The videos would not be as interesting if it were not for the personalities reporting and presenting the topics and current trends. They usually report on topics from social media, and it ranges across the globe. The discussions they have are entertaining thanks to the humor that members like David So bring to the table.

Check out one of their segments.

3. They feature various internet personalities in their segments.

JustKiddingNews features guests who are usually celebrities or social media stars in their video segments. This adds more to their report and discussion and shows that they want to talk about things with people who may have different views.

Below is an example of a video they created with an internet personality.

Above are the reasons why JustKiddingNews has earned more than one million subscribers on YouTube. Their video content and discussions are entertaining, and the various personalities they feature on their channel add some humor to their segments.

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