How Popular YouTubers Are Boosting Their Views

No matter how popular your videos get, you’re always going to be welcoming new viewers to your channel. Even creators who have millions of subscribers are constantly trying to grow their audiences.

Here’s how some of the biggest names on YouTube are boosting their views.

1. Introduce viewers to a new furry friend.

Many of Jenna Marbles’s most popular videos feature her three dogs. However, she recently adopted a hamster as well, and her hamster-related videos are taking her channel to new heights.

However, you shouldn’t adopt a new pet just to attract attention to your videos. Be sure that you really have the time and resources to take care of an animal before making him or her a part of your family.

2. Involve your significant other in your videos.

Internet audiences love to brand their favorite social media couples as “relationship goals.” Whenever Joey Graceffa makes a video with his boyfriend Daniel Preda, his subscribers go crazy.

If you don’t have a significant other, you can share your single struggles with your subscribers instead. Vloggers such as The Gabbie Show and Jessi Smiles have gained huge audiences by sharing dating-related storytimes.

3. Invite a surprise guest to join you.

When The Gabbie Show invited her attractive neighbor to join her in a new video, viewers flocked to her channel to check him out. Her fans loved getting to know one of Gabbie’s friends, as well.

Inviting a friend or neighbor to join you for a video is a great way to intrigue viewers. A little mystery goes a long way.

Even the biggest names on YouTube are constantly working to grow their audiences. Follow these tips to snag a few new viewers of your own.

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