How To Be A YouTube Entrepreneur

For some content creators, YouTube is just a piece of the puzzle. It’s a way to share videos related to their blogs, books, or albums. For others it may be the other way around; the blog, book, and album are based on the YouTube channel.

For Brian Brushwood, it’s both. He has four successful channels, all centered on his area of expertise.

Here’s how Brian Brushwood became a successful YouTube entrepreneur.

1. He started small but goal-oriented.

Brushwood’s first and most successful channel is Scam School, a channel devoted to showing off tricks and scams to perform in bars or public places. The idea is intriguing and surprisingly limitless. The channel has hundreds of videos, each showing some new scam or swindle.

At a certain point, Brushwood realized that his channel was growing big enough that he could build off of it, so he started other channels and set his scope on building a small empire off of his name.

2. He diversified.

With a channel already successful enough to live off of, Brushwood created a new channel called The Modern Rogue. Instead of focusing just on scams, he branched out and talked about what makes a person interesting.

The topic is broad enough to produce tons of content but interesting enough to intrigue potential viewers.

His already successful scam channel lent an audience to the new channel and helped it grow more quickly than an average new channel.

3. He’s created a TV show.

The success and episodic structure of Scam School inspired Brushwood to pitch a TV show with the same premise. Scam School got picked up by the Science Channel and will be airing soon.

This is just more evidence that Brushwood likes to push his success to the next level. He could have stopped at Scam School and comfortably sat on his winnings, but he decided to put more and more effort in. That’s the key to being a successful YouTube entrepreneur.

Brian Brushwood is a perfect example of a YouTube entrepreneur because he keeps pushing his limits. He follows the same strategies as a successful company by growing, taking on new projects, and looking for ways to improve every week.

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