How to Pump Up the Crowd

As a performing artist, it’s your job to entertain the crowd. Along with your musical talent, you need to know how to engage your audience. Without an energetic crowd, people won’t be able to connect with your music.

Here are three ways you can get the crowd going.

1. Relate to them.

The more relatable you seem on stage, the more people will relate to your music. Tell them a funny story or talk about your day. People want to look up to an artist that is similar to themselves.

When performing, don’t be afraid to give the audience a small insight of your life.

2. Ask them to sing along.

One way to get participation from the crowd is to ask them to sing a part of the song. Performers use this method frequently to make the audience feel more connected and entertained. It’s also a great way to give your vocals a break!

3. Bring someone on stage.

Viewers love the opportunity to get on stage and be face to face with their favorite singer. If the crowd seems unenthusiastic, you can pick out someone to sing with you on stage. This will automatically make the crowd more alive and enthusiastic.

Major artists like Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, and Chris Brown have all used this method.

Pumping up a crowd comes with the performer job description. An audience needs more than good music to connect to the performer. They need someone who is relatable, someone who encourages them to participate, and someone who gives them the amazing chance to go up on stage.

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