Bang for Your Buck Promotion

Sometimes it pays to pay for promotion. Here are some money-efficient strategies to ensure your name, videos, and music get exposure.

1) Connect with your community via local TV time. Some local television channels charge as low as seven dollars per segment. Use this opportunity to tune your live set, demo new music videos, or even try alternative methods of promotion such as holding talk shows or variety hours.

2) Catch eyes with gig flyers. If you print show flyers with fierce illustrations you will catch people’s attentions and give them a piece of artwork worthy of hanging on their wall. Find a friend or acquaintance and ask for their artistic assistance if you aren’t artistically inclined. If necessary, paying an artist can be worth it for the promotion a fantastic flyer can generate.

3) Get to know fans at after parties. Setting up post-show festivities gives you a great chance to show potential followers how outgoing your group is and connect more with older fans. Drinks and decorations are cheap and after parties mean more chances to play music and dance with friends and fans.

You can get far without paying for promotion but there always comes a point where paying saves you time. When you pay, always be sure you’re paying for realistic strategies that yield tangible results.

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