Music Video Ideas Any Artist Will Love

So, you’ve got an awesome song, and the recording sounds perfect. All that’s left to do before you release your next hit is to film a great music video. However, where should your brainstorming start?

Here are a few music video ideas that any artist will love.

1. Do a mini remake of your favorite movie.

Rapper Iggy Azalea’s hit “Fancy” is all about being the best of the best. The cult classic ’90s movie Clueless followed the same theme. So, Azalea made her music video into a short remake of Clueless, casting herself as lead character Cher.

What movie does your new song remind you of? Consider how you can play with the theme or message of your song through the storyline of a well-known film.

2. Parody the making of the music video itself.

One Direction’s music video for “Best Song Ever” is set in Hollywood, California. The five boybanders meet with an eccentric cast of directors and stylists as they prepare to film a new movie. However, the other music video “cast members” are really just the band members in costume!

Think outside of what’s in the camera frame. How can you tell the story of your music video inside the music video?

3. Get aesthetic.

British girlband Little Mix recently released a visually stunning video for their latest hit “Shout Out to My Ex.” The video was filmed in Spain, where the girls took a drive through a purple forest in a vintage car. They also made use of local architecture and the breathtaking landscape.

A music video is a visual adventure. Find somewhere beautiful to film. Like Little Mix, keep the colors muted so that the true focus is on the words of the song.

Your next music video doesn’t have to follow the tried-and-true formula of performance footage and a little choreography. Rather, you should get creative and see where your inspiration takes you next.

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