The 3 People Every Musician Should Collaborate With

It’s easy to think of music as something you do on your own. You write the lyrics, play the instrument, and sing the song on stage. However, by collaborating with others in the entertainment industry, you can improve your performance as well as further your career.

Here are the three people that every musician should collaborate with.

1. A visionary producer

Until the release of her fourth album Red in 2012, Taylor Swift played mainly on country radio. However, three of Red‘s tracks were produced and co-written by Swedish pop producers Max Martin and Shellback. The immense success that the trio got from hits such as “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “I Knew You Were Trouble” led to them working as a team once again to produce five of the tracks for Swift’s first full-fledged pop album, 1989.

If Taylor Swift hadn’t stepped out of her country music comfort zone by working with Max Martin and Shellback, then she may have never reached the level of pop superstardom she enjoys today. Like Swift, you shouldn’t be afraid to take a leap of faith when working with a producer who thinks outside of the box.

“Blank Space” was one of several pop megahits that Swift, Shellback, and Max Martin created together.

2. An experienced songwriter

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest names in the music industry. He’s dabbled in everything from folk to hip-hop. However, this top-selling artist doesn’t keep his iconic songwriting skills to himself. Rather, Sheeran shares his talent with everyone from Hilary Duff to Devlin.

To find a great songwriter to collaborate with, start with the people you know. A few of Sheeran’s greatest co-writes have gone to his close friends, such as Taylor Swift and Harry Styles of One Direction.

“Little Things” is one of several tracks the Sheeran helped pen for his best friend’s boyband.

3. A cross-genre artist

Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg may be at opposite ends of the music spectrum, but that didn’t stop them from blowing up the charts with “California Gurls” in 2010. Katy Perry’s bubblegum pop and Snoop Dogg’s gangster rap combined to create the ultimate summer anthem.

When you decide to collaborate on a song with another artist, go out of your way to find someone with a totally different style of music. You never know how incredible the end results might be.

Collaborating with other industry professionals takes your music to new heights. Work with a visionary producer, an experienced songwriter, and a cross-genre artist to watch your own success soar.

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