How This Music Channel Gets Millions of Views is the internet’s authority on music. Their year-end lists, along with detailed album reviews, make their site a place where listeners come to see what music they are missing out on.

Pitchfork’s YouTube channel is an extension of the website that made it easy to find cool music. The channel has over half a million subscribers and nearly 230 million views total. Find out what other YouTube channels can do to mirror the rising success of Pitchfork.

1. Make lists that your viewers can debate about.

The end-of-the-year list trend exists for a reason. Pitchfork goes beyond the trend and releases different lists year-round. Their lists are debated among music fans, and it is a good way to get them involved in a conversation with the channel, whether they agree with the list or not. Along with recent favorites, Pitchfork also includes retrospectives on music from the past.

YouTube channels should make lists about any subjects that resonate with its creators and fans.

2. Interview people in new ways.

Pitchfork’s web series Over/Under asks musicians and artists whether something is overrated or underrated. The simple concept has produced a series that receives a lot of laughs and likes. The different topics that Pitchfork asks unlikely artists about elicit unexpected responses.

Create a concept behind interviewing guests in a fun way.

3. Make documentaries about interesting people.

While delivering short, to-the-point videos is a great way to bring viewers to any channel, there has to be more. The long form is still extremely important. It’s a way to reveal more about a subject. Whether the documentary is about a vlogger, musician, or comedian, the documentary form lets fans feel like they are connected to a performer.

Pitchfork delivers interesting documentaries on artists like Mac DeMarco.

Pitchfork has built an online presence that is only going to grow. Vloggers can take away some necessary tips from Pitchfork when creating a channel. Make lists for the viewers with short attention spans and work hard on documentaries for the loyal fans that want to know more than can be said in a four-minute video. Do that, and the views will grow, as well as the comments.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area

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