How This Magazine’s YouTube Channel Earned A Million Subscribers

GQ has been providing style advice since 1957. Since then, their brand has become synonymous with fashion. GQ’s YouTube channel likely has some of their loyal magazine buyers, but the brand had to appeal to a generation that was interested in more than style.

GQ had to learn to speak the language of the internet to appeal to viewers. Here’s how they created a great channel to strengthen their brand identity and what vloggers can do to make their own channels great.

1. Create a web series.

Having a web series should come as no surprise for a key to success. There are a lot of creative things vloggers can do in a short series. GQ’s web series starring rapper 2 Chainz has earned millions of views.

Although a vlogger may not have the budget for a show like the one with 2 Chainz, he or she can use charisma and personality to draw viewers in.

2. Go outside of your original content model.

Originally GQ was focused purely on fashion and lifestyle, but as they expand their horizons, they open their brand up to more opportunities to find new viewers.

Although GQ does not specialize in sports, they created a video with Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry playing a game of horse with his dad. The horse game is among of GQ’s most viewed videos.

3. Poke fun at yourself.

Many celebrities have a charmed life, especially one of GQ’s men of the year, Ryan Reynolds. In one of GQ’s most popular videos, he pokes fun at himself. It is important for other vloggers to do the same.

This is a good way to show viewers that the people behind the channel are funny and comfortable in their own shoes.

By being self-deprecating, creating web series, and going outside of the usual comfort zone, YouTubers can capture some of the success that GQ has had. The content has to engage viewers and surprise the creator at times. Transform any brand through creating a quality YouTube channel with interesting content.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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