How These Videos Gained Millions of Views

For any YouTuber out there releasing videos to the public, one of the biggest goals is to have many viewers look at their creations. In some cases, a single video can get millions of views.

If you’re wondering how to achieve that kind of exposure, it will help to keep these suggestions in mind.

1. Viewers love to see incredible stupidity.

Some videos don’t need much to gain popularity on YouTube. All it takes is someone willing to do something very reckless, to the point of outright stupidity. People love to see other people acting both idiotic and daring because it can result in an incredibly funny video.

One example would be this video involving someone eating a ghost pepper, one of the hottest foods out there, and freaking out because of it.

2. Viewers love to see incredible feats.

Of course, videos don’t have to be just funny, they can be very awesome as well. It’s not just stupid pranks that bring in the viewers but what people manage to achieve by completing a very impressive challenge. It could also be a video where you manage to do something mundane but at a fun and entertaining setting.

This video involves people managing to play soccer at a trampoline park while also showing off the incredible moves as they’re bouncing around the place.

3. Viewers love to see adorable things.

For people who find it difficult to pull off an incredibly challenging or reckless video, YouTube has shown that people who create adorable videos can also bring in viewers. While showing adorable animals is one possible idea, you can also think of many other cute things in the world, such as babies. People have uploaded videos of their babies just acting up and have raked in millions of views as a result.

This video involves a little girl arguing playfully with her father, which is rather popular.

There are videos out there that aren’t produced by major YouTube names or famous stars that still manage to be very popular on the website. It doesn’t take much; all you need is just a simple concept for your video and an understanding of what the audience likes to see.

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