How Miranda Sings Converted Her Fans From YouTube to Netflix

Miranda Sings, a famous YouTube persona played by Colleen Ballinger, has taken a huge step in entertainment with her Netflix show “Haters Back Off.” The show is officially “the first scripted series created by a YouTube personality.” Since she already has a massive internet following, the show had an established fan base from the start.

Miranda Sings carried over her YouTube fans to support her new Netflix show. Here’s how she did it.

1. Create a character to build off of. 

By creating a quirky, absurd character, Ballinger is able to build onto Miranda Sings’ story. “Haters Back Off” delves into the fictional life of Miranda Sings and how she became internet famous.

When creating a channel that is based around performance, consider creating a character to act out. Viewers will fall in love with the character and then continue to support all of the projects that the character is in.

2. Continue creating the content that viewers love. 

Some of the most popular videos that Miranda Sings posts are her responses to negative comments. In the videos, she reads the comments and responds to them in funny, goofy ways. This segment of her channel and the signature catch phrase she says became the title of the show “Haters Back Off.”

By continuing to create content that viewers love, Miranda Sings assured fans that the show would incorporate their favorite things.

3. Don’t break character. 

To ensure that fans follow and support you, make sure that you keep acting as the character that they love. Even though Colleen Ballinger created Miranda Sings, she only ever posts videos or acts in her show as Miranda Sings. Stay in the character your fans know you as and they will follow your endeavors.

Miranda Sings’ new Netflix show “Haters Back Off” is an extension of her famous YouTube channel. When branching into other media outlets, be sure that your fans follow you.

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