How to be an Opening Act that Everyone Remembers

The opening act for a headliner is one of the the most difficult jobs on tour. It also is extremely beneficial for a musician that is trying to form a career. Usually the opening act for a show is unknown to the audience. The crowd came for the headliner, but first, they have to listen to the opening act. This is a lot of pressure to pep up the audience and put them in a good mood.

If you’re the opening act for a show, consider these three tips so you can amaze your audience and make them love you.

1. Perform songs that are catchy and well received.

It’s important to realize that most of the people in audience don’t know any of your songs. You’re there to expose your music and make a good impression. So when making the set list, play songs that have been given the most positive feedback.

Sometimes a cover is a good choice to play in your set. Choose a song that a lot of people know.  This will instantly light up the crowd and get them singing along with you. Just make sure to put on your own special twist!

2. Connect with the audience.

For every venue performed in, you only have one chance to win the audience over. A great way to do that is to treat the audience like they are your best friends. Talk to them as if you are friends hanging out. More importantly, before you play a song, explain the story behind it. Briefly tell the audience why you wrote that song. This will make them more intrigued and connected to the music.

3. Sing as if it’s your show.

Even though most of the crowd came to see someone else, you should still sing your heart out! Take the stage as if it was your own headlining tour. When the crowd sees your awesome stage presence, you will leave them wanting more.

Booking your first gig as an opening act is huge milestone for your singing career. But it comes with a few challenges that even the main act doesn’t endure. Just remember to chose your songs wisely, connect with the audience, and take the stages as if it’s all yours.

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