How to Get Comfortable Playing in Front of an Audience

For people who decide to become musicians, one of the most important things to get used to is the ability to play in front of other people. Aspiring musicians have to be able to overcome the fear or the public or anything that holds then from being able to express themselves.

It helps to keep in mind certain tips to get used to this idea of playing in front of others.

1. Participate in a showcase or recital.

Much like how music practice helps you play an instrument, getting used to playing in front of an audience as one of many performers will help you get comfortable in front of an audience. This could easily be done by having any amateur musicians such as yourself play at recitals that require them to show off their musical skills in front of an audience.

As you learn to play, you also learn about the psychological side of being a musician.

2. Master a song before you perform it.

As much as controlling yourself emotionally is important, learning the music itself is just as crucial. When it comes to practicing music, mastery of the pieces that will be played needs to go beyond just memorizing them all.

You have to be able to play them as though it is second nature. That way, you aren’t wasting time thinking about what note to play next or where to position your fingers.

3. Practice dedication.

None of the above will be possible if you are not prepared to work hard and deal with many problems along the way. Learning the necessary skills in playing is difficult enough, but being able to get used to the public requires the ability to remain calm under pressure.

As hard as it may sound, anyone can get comfortable playing for an audience.

Playing music for the public requires preparation and a calm state of mind. You’ll need to be prepared to perform in front of an audience.

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