Fund Your Music With Crowdsourcing!

Want to make music but need money? Crowdsourcing is the hottest new way to raise money and could be what you need to make your next album happen. Here are 3 tips for launching a crowdsourcing campaign.

1) Strong Following. Crowdfunding is recommended if you have a strong following but need a push in funds to make the next album happen.

2) Hit your goals. Crowdsourcing platforms will take a cut from the money you raise, but if you don’t reach your funding goal, the platform will take a larger cut or you may not even get any of the money! You can’t have a success without reaching your goal.

3) Promote from day 1. Campaign promotion and social media marketing is the top priority to promote your campaign from day 1. You need as much momentum and traction as early as you can get for maximum funding.

When fans back your campaign, they are putting money in your work because they believe in you. Keeping them up to date and hyped about your release will get you the momentum to reach your crowdfunding goals.

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