5 Ways To Make Viewers Want To Click On Your Videos

The YouTube algorithm does a lot to get your videos in front of viewers, but what they choose to watch is ultimately up to them. To make sure your videos are the ones they click on first, you have to catch your viewers’ attention.

Here are five ways to make viewers click on your videos.

1. Give your video a title viewers won’t believe.

When you’re standing in the checkout line at a supermarket, do your eyes ever wander over to the colorful magazine rack? The shocking, scandalous headlines are engineered to catch your attention and make you want to pick up the magazine. Your video titles serve a similar purpose.

Vlogger Tana Mongeau is the queen of clickbait titles. Though her videos may not be exactly what their titles promise, she always delivers with a long and entertaining rant.

2. Blur out or cover part of your thumbnail image.

The thumbnail image gives your viewers a sneak peek of the video, but it doesn’t have to give it all away. Rather than writing “you won’t believe this!” in the title, you can let the image speak for itself. Blur out part of the thumbnail to entice viewers with a big reveal. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Joey Graceffa loves to surprise his audience. The thumbnail on this video had them rushing to find out which hair color he let them pick.

3. Give your viewers a little bit of fan service.

In anime, “fan service” refers to scenes that contribute little to the overall plot but make the fans happy nonetheless. It’s about giving the fans exactly what they want. You can entice your viewers with fan service, whether it’s collabing with someone they think you should date or finally filming that challenge video they keep asking for.

Because a lot of viewers wanted Shane Dawson and Gabbie Hanna to be together, they kissed in a video to appease their fans.

4. Get your viewers involved with the video’s creation.

Viewers love connecting with their favorite online creators. That’s why events such as VidCon and Summer In The City are so popular. However, while the majority of your viewers can’t travel to a YouTube convention to meet you, they will be able to connect with you on social media. Use your social media platforms to get them involved with your next video.

Beauty vlogger James Charles had his followers tweet him selfies for this video.

5. Use a title or thumbnail drastically different from your usual style.

Most vloggers have a very specific way in which they design their thumbnails and stylize their video titles. Their viewers can easily pick their favorite vloggers’ videos out of a lineup. However, by shaking up the way your videos look, you can really grab your audience’s attention.

The creator behind Natalies Outlet is known by her sunny disposition. However, when she uploaded a video with a negative title, her viewers just had to click and find out what was up.

Your title and thumbnail are the first impressions a viewer gets of each new video. To really grab their attention, try out a few of these tactics.

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