How To Keep Viewers Watching Until The End

Watch time is one of the most important factors in how the YouTube algorithm ranks your videos. The longer viewers watch, the higher of a priority your video becomes to YouTube. By keeping your audience watching until the very end of a video, you’ll improve your watch time considerably.

Here are a few ways to keep viewers watching until the very end of a video.

1. Include an interview at the end.

One way to keep viewers watching until the end of a video is to tease something exciting in the opening. Think of what kind of “big finale” will contribute to your content. Interviews work for most channels.

Interviews can help bring a fresh perspective to your videos as well as give your audience something to look forward to. Bring in an expert or a friend to share insight on the subject of your video.

Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theory videos are among the most popular videos on YouTube. When he interviewed his brother in the end of the series’ latest installment, viewers went crazy over what the two of them had to say.

2. Use editing tricks to keep them laughing.

Editing tricks can keep your audience entertained. Whether it’s text, colorful graphics, or memes, you can add little things to keep your viewers laughing.

Try to cater to your audience’s sense of humor. It could be irony and sarcasm or slapstick, goofy humor.

Wengie often adds colorful graphics to make her videos more entertaining.

3. Format your video as a list.

Websites like BuzzFeed have popularized the “listicle” all across the internet. Basically, people love lists. Formatting your next video as a list will entice viewers to keep watching so they can see everything on it.

Natalies Outlet organizes a lot of her popular videos as lists.

4. Put an Easter egg in your end screen.

In everything from movies to music videos, fans love to search for “Easter eggs.” These little special surprises may be hard to find for anyone besides the most dedicated fans. When you hide Easter eggs in your end screen, your viewers will have to watch until the end so they can be the first to find them.

DanAndPhilGAMES is a collab channel created by two British YouTubers. In the end screen of every gaming video, they link their main channels. When viewers hover over the hyperlinks, they see video-related puns on the guys’ channel names.

When your viewers keep watching until the end of a video, the YouTube algorithm is more likely to recommend that video to other viewers. Use these strategies to keep your viewers watching until the end.

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