4 Tips For A Successful Sponsorship

Some sponsorships are the stuff of dreams. However, if you’re not careful, even the best brand deal can turn into a nightmare. By putting the integrity of your content first, you can equip yourself to wade through scams and other unfair brand partnerships. Not only is it important that you provide a great video for the sponsor, but they should be supportive of you as well.

Here are four tips for a successful sponsorship.

1. Always have a contract.

Sponsorship-matching platforms such as Famebit and Grapevine make it easy to connect with brands. They also make it easy for creators and potential sponsors to communicate. However, you should be careful not to let your entire brand deal be spelled out in an email.

Though you can negotiate the terms of the deal via email, always get an official and signed contract. Print it out and keep it for your records. When you have a contract, the company won’t be able to change the terms of your sponsorship last minute.

Sponsorships without contracts may result in storytimes like this one.

2. Know your worth and ask for it.

Getting any sort of sponsorship for your channel is exciting. However, companies may try to take advantage of your eagerness by offering you less compensation than your time and work is worth. Set your fees before accepting any brand deal and stick by them.

To determine your fees, ask your vlogger friends what kinds of rates they charge for sponsored content. Calculate how much time you spend on an average video and factor in how many viewers you reach on average.

3. Research the company and its previous sponsorships.

When a company reaches out to you, type its name into the Google search bar before you hit reply. Find out who they are, what they do, and where they’re located. Then, add “scam” after the company’s name in your search bar to make sure it’s a real company. You can even check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

You should also look up the company on YouTube and see if they’ve sponsored any videos before. Watch any examples you find to get a better idea of what they’ll expect from you.

For example, the app Best Fiends sponsors a lot of videos. If the company wanted to sponsor you, then you would check out videos they’ve sponsored before, such as this one, in which the creators themed a video around the game.

4. Keep your viewers’ best interest in mind.

Finally, any sponsorship you do should benefit your audience in some way. Whether that’s a discount code or a giveaway, having something that’s just for them will make the video more interesting and fun to watch.

However, you should also be conscious of how the video will affect your viewers. Recently, creators like Trisha Paytas came under controversy for their sponsored Instagram posts about appetite-suppressant lollipops. Be aware of the impact a company you partner with could have on your viewers’ mental or physical health and wellbeing.

A successful sponsorship is equally beneficial to the brand, the creator, and the audience. Keep these things in mind when choosing which companies to work with.

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