How to Make a Great Tutorial Video

Tutorial videos have developed a huge audience on YouTube. The world has access to free knitting, language, ukulele, etc. lessons thanks to the large influx of tutorials. One of the best ways to gain viewers is to make a useful tutorial video.

For those wanting to pass on their acquired knowledge via YouTube tutorial, follow these tips.

1. Be direct and organized.

When creating a tutorial, YouTubers should be clear and concise. Provide the audience with an organized, step-by-step video that doesn’t stray from the point. As long as the audience knows what they need to do in each step and why, you are fulfilling the objective.

2. Be friendly and engaging.

Michelle Phan is always enthusiastic in her tutorials and catering to fans by taking requests.  Her likeability is a huge contribution to her loyal fan base. Being friendly and engaging will bump up congeniality, which in turn, will bump up a devoted following.

3. Provide a variety of shots.

People learn as much with their ears as they do their eyes. Providing a variety of shots (close-ups, side-shots, etc.) will give the audience a well-rounded view/deeper understanding of the information being presented.

4. Conclude with a summary.

Tutorials should always wrap up with a quick summary. Providing a compressed overview of all the offered information provides a structured conclusion and allows the information to soak into viewers’ minds.

Remember, when creating tutorials, keep it direct, be friendly, provide visuals and a conclusion!

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