3 Stories You Should Tell On YouTube

Storytime vlogs are one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube. Every vlogger or video maker has a story to tell, and every viewer wants to take a few minutes to sit down and listen. A storytime video is great because it’s simple to film and fun to watch.

Here are the three stories that you should tell on YouTube.

1. Paranormal

If you’ve ever played with a Ouija board or heard a strange voice, then you’ve got a paranormal story to tell. Because most viewers are skeptical about the existence of the paranormal, they love to dissect your experiences to decide for themselves whether it’s real or otherwise explainable.

One of popular storytime vlogger Natalia Taylor’s most popular videos is her tale of a Ouija board gone wrong.

2. Breakups & Makeups

One thing that most of your viewers have experienced is heartbreak. Whether it’s an unrequited love or an engagement gone sour, you should share your romantic woes with your viewers to show them they’re not alone. However, you can also share your happily-ever-afters to prove that rainbows come after storms.

YouTube couple Heart Defensor and Arnold Telegaarta often vlog about their swoon-worthy relationship.

3. Misadventures in Babysitting

What happened the last time you watch your friend’s precious little angel for the evening? More often than not, babysitting results in some of the best storytimes. Because kids are unpredictable, these stories make sure viewers never know which turn the tale will take.

Loey Lane took a break from her beauty tutorials to share this scary babysitting story.

Storytime videos are a great way to attract new viewers. Stories like these appeal to a wide audience, giving you the best shot at going viral.

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