How This Video Got Almost A Million Views In 2 Days

Louise Pentland has 2.5 million subscribers on her popular YouTube channel, Sprinkleofglitter. She first started her channel to document the DIY decor of her first home and her pregnancy. Now, after several years as a full-time vlogger, Louise is welcoming her second child and again sharing the journey with her viewers.

Louise’s latest video about her new baby, a gender reveal, got almost a million views in two days. It even peaked on the YouTube trending page. Here’s why.

1. Her fans had been waiting for this specific video.

Louise has done videos about baby clothes, pregnancy updates, and even names she loves. However, her viewers have been waiting right along with Louise to find out if her new baby will be a boy or a girl. By choosing to share the news rather than keep it a secret, she created a video that was special for both her viewers and her family.

2. The video features her family and friends.

Louise didn’t reveal the gender of her baby to her viewers directly. Instead, she recorded the moments that she revealed the news to her members of her family and a few friends. This made the video even more endearing and special.

3. The video was a part of the content that her channel focuses on.

Louise didn’t just start making baby videos because she was pregnant. Her life as a mother has been a primary focus of her channel since she first started making videos. The gender reveal was perfectly in line with what Louise’s audience expected of her content.

Louise Pentland’s gender reveal video got trending on YouTube because it was personal and special to both Louise and her fans. Creating more personal content allows viewers to become a part of your life.

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