How This Vlogger Built Up An Audience Of 3 Million

Jack Douglass, better known online as jacksfilms, has been creating content for YouTube since 2006. Now, more than ten years later, he has more than three million subscribers.

Here’s how Jack grew such a huge audience.

1. He built his channel with a very specific sense of humor.

The banner on Jack’s channel reads, “help me make fun of everything,” and that is exactly what he does. From the get-go, Jack’s content has focused mainly on parodies and poking fun at whatever’s popular. Jack’s videos are characterized by his dry, almost serious sense of humor.

His most popular video to date is a parody of the Snuggie infomercial.

2. He used video series to keep his viewers coming back each week.

Jack releases new videos every weekday, but over the years, he’s dedicated certain days to original video series. His first popular video series was “Your Grammar Sucks,” which made fun of the errors in YouTube comments. The series ended in 2015, and it was soon replaced by “JackAsk.”

Jack also created a popular video series on his secondary channel. The series “Yesterday I Asked You” has since moved to Jack’s main channel.

3. He made videos about trending topics in pop culture.

Many of Jack’s most popular recent videos focus on two things: fidget spinners and The Emoji Movie. What started as a sarcastic comment about The Emoji Movie became such an integral part of Jack’s recent content that he landed himself an invite to the movie’s world premiere.

In true YouTuber fashion, Jack vlogged the entire experience in a video that topped YouTube’s trending tab.

Jacksfilms built his YouTube audience with a strong sense of humor. He continues to grow his audience by sharing the jokes with his viewers.

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