The 3 Things That Every Independent Musician Must Have

The digital age has made it easier than ever for independent musicians to rise to fame. Just this year, Chance the Rapper became the first independent artist to win the Grammy for Best New Artist. Social media plays a huge part in the modern musician’s career. However, success takes a little bit more than an Instagram account.

Here are three things that every independent musician must have.

1. Create a YouTube channel dedicated solely to sharing your music.

British singer Dodie Clark operates two YouTube channels aside from her Vevo account. On one channel, she shares daily vlogs, tutorials, and similar content. However, her main channel is focused solely on her music. She uploads both original music and cover video.

2. The skill to play an instrument turns you into a one-man band.

Like many aspiring musicians, Emily Jane plays all of her own music on her guitar. Ukelele and piano are also relatively easy to learn instruments that singers can use to play their own music for cover videos, concerts, and studio recordings.

3. A strong social media presence can turn you into a star.

Shawn Mendes was a Viner before he was a pop star. He maintains a strong presence on Instagram and Twitter, which turns fans into followers and vice versa.

Social media and musical skills go hand-in-hand for the independent musician these days. Develop your expertise in these three areas, and you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

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