How Lele Pons Transitioned from Vine to YouTube

Lele Pons found her fame as the “Do it for the vine” girl. Recently, she has transitioned to using YouTube for comedy videos. YouTube is a great outlet to create videos with minimal restrictions.

After obtaining a following on social media sites, resort to YouTube to create even more content. Here is how Lele Pons did it.

1. Extend content that you’ve already shared. 

Lele has created many characters in her videos. When she began posting longer videos on YouTube, she extended the characters’ stories from Vine. Extension allows for more in-depth videos while keeping characters and topics that viewers love.

2. Create a schedule.

Since there are so many videos on YouTube, it’s important to let viewers and subscribers know that you will post more often. YouTube videos are longer, so it takes more time to produce them. Therefore, create a video schedule that is realistic so your fans can count on you. The most common schedule is to post a video once a week.

3. Explore quality equipment and editing software. 

With longer footage comes the need for quality equipment. Make sure videos are aesthetically pleasing by paying attention to video quality and precise editing. Lele places many sound effects into her videos. She also uses a variety of shot angles and fast cuts to ensure that attention is held.

4. Bring your friends. 

One of the greatest things about Lele’s videos is that they always feature a group of other actors, actresses and comedians. Lele brought many of the people from her Vine videos into her YouTube videos. This ensures that fans of hers, as well as fans of her friends, will follow her to YouTube.

Lele Pons is one of the most well-known content creators on the Internet. Her viral videos have established a huge fan base and she proved that it follows her to different platforms.

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