How to Establish a Community for Music on YouTube

One of the easiest ways to gain fans is to create a community of supporters. This is especially important when beginning to post music on YouTube. As a new musician on YouTube, establish a community to market your music.

Here are some easy ways to form a community on YouTube to help your music get more attention.

1. Subscribe to similar musicians. 

By finding musicians on YouTube that have a similar style or enjoy the same music as you, you’ll open yourself up to new ideas. You’ll also be able to view content that is relevant to your goal. By simply establishing a feed that benefits your talent, you will grow as a YouTube musician.

2. Actively support others. 

Always engage in other musicians content by liking the video, commenting positive words, or responding with your own video. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other musicians and step outside of your comfort zone. It’s important to maintain positive relationships with others in order for a following to grow.

3. Form a duet with local musicians. 

Videos that combine multiple strong talents are very well-received on YouTube. To further grow a community of musicians, form a duet or ensemble to showcase each of your talents. By collaborating with musicians in your area, you will be able to connect with their audiences as well. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

Community ties have proven to help individuals become successful. As a new musician, it is important to establish a community, especially on YouTube.

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Corinne Rivera appreciates every type of music, which stems from her experience in dance and playing the guitar and the flute. She currently resides in San Francisco where she studies electronic communications, explores the city’s art, and attends concerts of all genres.

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