What YouTubers Can Learn From Movie Trailers

Movie trailers are an art in themselves; they take existing footage from a film and repurpose it to entice viewers into watching the film itself. Movie trailers can teach budding YouTubers a lot about how to create interesting, memorable videos.

Here are a few tips.

1. Choose the perfect song.

The trailer for Spike Jonze’s 2009 film, Where the Wild Things Are, would not have been nearly as endearing or entertaining without its perfect musical accompaniment. Music greatly enhances videos by highlighting their messages or adding an artistic touch.

When creating videos, do not settle for anything less than the perfect song.

2. Edit with intention.

The trailer for the 2016 film, The Neon Demon, is edited with the intention of building up tension and suspense in a dramatic and enticing way. When creating your own YouTube videos, do not underestimate the power of editing; editing can enhance your videos and make them as interesting and appealing as possible.

3. Don’t be afraid to be dramatic.

The trailer for 2016’s, La La Land, a musical, makes no attempt to shy away from the dramatics. If pumping up the intensity-through editing, music, or any other means-will improve the quality of your video, then don’t hesitate to do it.

Movie trailers use smart song choices, skillful editing, and dramatics to bring audiences to the theater; YouTubers can use similar tactics when creating videos.

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Jana DeGuzman is a Communication Studies major and French Studies minor at the University of San Francisco. She loves Mac DeMarco, Beyonce, and the ocean.

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