What Musicians Can Learn From Hi-Finesse

Hi-Finesse is a music production company based in Santa Monica, California. They are known for making music used in motion picture and video game advertising. If you have watched the latest Marvel trailer, or films such as The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises or Iron Man 3, you’ve heard their stuff.

Being a production studio with such a sizable portfolio, there are definitely a few things musicians could learn from Hi-Finesse.

1. Have a distinct style.

Hi-Finesse is characterized by their unique and ubiquitous style. In every score they produce, that distinctive feel remains as the thing that ties all their music together.

For up-and-coming musicians, adopting this method would bring a few benefits. First of all, it shows prospective clients that you have a recognizable design to your music; it shows focus and consistency. Secondly, distinct work by its nature stands out from the rest.

2. Focus on one market.

Focused intensely on the specific needs and dynamics of trailers, the Hi-Fi catalog releases include orchestral, electronic, rock-hybrid, and acoustic piano. Despite this their market is very specific: sci-fi action flicks.

Hi-Finesse chose a single genre of product to produce and nailed it down. You won’t see them suddenly trying to put out a western, country themed score, because it doesn’t match their market and simply won’t do as well.

3. Live where the work is.

Some of Hi-Finesse’s biggest contracts come from Hollywood giants like Marvel. Because of this, they are located in Santa Monica, California, just miles away from the center of Hollywood. When clients are looking for an agency to produce their music, a local group that is merely miles away is a much more attractive choice than someone half around the world.

Now, while you shouldn’t be relocating every time there’s a chance of being hired, consider the value of living near large movie producers.

4. A social media presence is always important.

Despite working for some of the biggest movie studios out there, Hi-Finesse, as should all musicians, sees the value of putting their work out on social media. Aside from a Twitter and website, one can find a good portion of their work on SoundCloud, to listen for free.

No musician would last long without an accessible location online for their fans to hear their music.

Hi-Finesse is a world leader in music production for action films and video games, and musicians can learn quite a lot from them. They have succeeded through having a distinctive style recognizable throughout mediums, a focus on one specific market, social media, and locating themselves in a smart way. Any musician can succeed if they model their business in this way.

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Sean Harris is a writer in the midwest US who plans on majoring in computer science or physics at college. He enjoys listening to music, blogging, and reading.

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