4 Apps That Every Musician Should Have

In the 21st century, everyone has a cellphone in his or her pocket at all times. These gadgets make everything from socializing to watching videos to ordering food easier, so why not use them to improve your musical life, too?

Many musicians would be surprised there are, in fact, dozens of useful apps that can save hassle and time when producing music.

1. GarageBand

Everyone who has used a Mac in school or at home has used or at least heard of this classic app. While at first one might be put off by its ubiquity, even today GarageBand can be extremely useful for the average musician. Using your own instruments, you can do everything from recording to mixing with this convenient app.

Best of all, GarageBand will quickly work with Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud, which means even more time saved for you!

2. Scape

Most of this list is for direct music production, but musicians need to have fun, too. Scape is a neat app that uses a series of shapes and colors to create music based on their combinations. There is also adjustable tone control, lending the music a completely different feeling.

Obviously, this isn’t for serious production, but even simple apps like this can pass the time when needed and even offer a little inspiration.

3. Vocal Warm Up

Musicians and singers know more than anyone else that before using your voice for a long time, it needs to be warmed up. Vocal Warm Up is perfect for stretching those vocal cords. This app can be customized to fit any vocal range, and is dynamic enough to fit you as you develop as a singer.

Beyond this, Vocal Warm Up offers dozens of exercises from sirening to descending. With this app, it doesn’t matter where you are; you will always be able to warm yourself up.

4. Metronome Plus

Musicians don’t need to be told how valuable the metronome is or how difficult it can be to stay on tempo without one. If you never want to leave home without this tool, use the virtual version on the app store: Metronome Plus.

Beyond your standard timekeeping beat, this app features multiple different modes and the ability to run in the background while you open up other things on your phone. This is overall a very useful and a go-to app for any musician.

Everyone loves their apps, but it sometimes seems there are niche areas like music production that are sometimes forgotten about. If you are a musician, take a look at any of these four apps and see what works with you!

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Sean Harris is a writer in the midwest US who plans on majoring in computer science or physics at college. He enjoys listening to music, blogging, and reading.

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